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Signing up
Unsure which local authority to select?
To collect from a store, community groups should operate from a registered food premise, the local authority that covers the address where the community group operates should be selected. As part of the sign up process we require that all groups operate from a registered food premise. If you aren’t registered, guidance can be found here.
Once a community group has completed the application form, what happens next?
After completing the application form, you’ll be ready to create a collection schedule, choosing from available slots at your local stores. This schedule will be visible for store colleagues, who will be ready to help meet you.
I have booked a slot to collect surplus food but I am unable to attend, can I cancel my slot?
Yes of course. If you’re unable to make your slot please follow the link on the email to cancel which will alert the store you are no longer attending and the slot will be offered to another group in the area.
What is the Caboodle volunteer hub and how do we use it?
During the application process, community groups can opt for their groups contact details to be published on the Caboodle volunteer hub. By opting for the contact details to be shared this will allow potential volunteers in your community to view the community group details and connect directly with the group to understand how as a volunteer they can support.
Should a group select additional slots to ensure all/additional food is available for collection?
Community groups should only select slots they can commit to, this will support store colleagues with an accurate schedule which community group is attending the store and when.
Can I update my contact details?
You can easily update your details at any time by logging into Caboodle and selecting the tab on the top of the page followed by selecting “update details” – but don’t forget to press save.
What is the difference between a regular collection slot and a one off collection slot?
Regular collection slots will book these slots ongoing in your collection schedule whereas choosing one off collection slots will result in notifications when slots become available.
I’d like to connect with a community group in my area, can Caboodle help me do that?
Yes – By visiting the volunteer hub and entering your postcode and the distance you can travel this will show which community groups have available volunteering opportunities. The contact details are available to allow you to contact the group directly.